Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helping Elderly Loved Ones Reduce Internal Unrest.

Comedy is tragedy plus time.
(Carol Burnette)
Research suggests humor (watching funny movies, funny television programs, or re-runs of funny episodes) and laughing releases endorphins that reduce pain and boost the immune system as well as offer individuals a heightened sense of well-being.
Other practices that might be beneficial in reducing internal unrest include relaxation techniques, listening to relaxing/classical music, reading, meditating, chanting, praying, Shamanic treatments, herbal remedies, acupuncture, exercising, massages, and getting sunlight and fresh air.
Caregivers might also encourage elderly loved ones to so whatever they need to do in order to make amends or complete unfinished business in order to attain the peace they desire.
The Greek origin of the word "crisis" connotes opportunity and possibility. So it is with the final stage of life. Regardless of an individual's religious, spiritual, or philosophical framewwork, spiritual growth is possible for almost everyone, right up to the end of life.
Spiritual growth does not, however, necessarily diminish pain and suffering.
It has been suggested that unresolved issues and fear are the two most important factors in determining the level of resistance individuals will experience when facing death.
Sandra -- Caregiver Guru for the Caregiver Generation

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