Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fear of Death Among the Elderly--Part Two

I believe that the difference between Heaven and Hell is not so much the climate as the company. Living in a world populated by people like themselves would, for many be Heaven. And for others, it would indeed be Hell.
(Richard Paul Evans)
It is common for elderly folks to ask others what they believe about death. Often these types of questions are veiled attempts to clarify their own beliefs.
A good way to help elderly loved ones gain clarification is to turn the question back to them or ask these or other self-discovery questions.
For example, you might ask these or similar questions: "What have you been taught about an afterlife?" "What do you hope happens after death?" "What have you envisioned it might be like after death?" "Is there some thought about death that brings you comfort?" "Where do you turn for strength?"
Views about death itself and spiritual life after death depend largely on cultural and/or religious teachings, as well as individual frameworks.
Sandra -- Caregiver uru for the Caregiver Genertion

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