Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just LIsten -- Dr. Mark Goulston

Just Listen
I just interviewed Dr. Mark Goulston (blogtakradio.com/sandra-haymon), best selling author of Just Listen, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get Out of Your Own Way at Work.
What a treat!!! Not only does Dr. Goulston share empowering information, he is genuine, caring, and easy to listen to. I highly recommend his book Just Listen to anyone who wants to communicate in ways that help others make positive changes in their lives.
In Just Listen Dr. Goulston offers the following techniques, which he says "take just minutes, but they can change the course of a business project, a sale, a relationship, or even a life."
* Do You Really Believe That?
* The Power of Hmmm...
* The Stipulation Game.
* The Impossibility Question.
* The Power Thank You.
I will blog more about these later, but if you want to learn more now--
Dr. Goulston also offers free resources, coaching videos, and lots more!!
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