Friday, June 18, 2010

Brain Tune Up System--Dr. Arnold Bresky

I host an Internet radio show, Baby Boomers' Sandwich, every Tuesday at Noon EST, and I absolutely have the most interesting guests. On June 29th. Dr. Arnold Bresky will be my guest. He is a most facinating man who is always on the cutting edge.

He has a new TV show and a new website featuring his Brain Tune Up® System and his new Clubhouse. Here's one of his tips listed on his

"Take charge of your health! You have to believe in self-care with behavioral lifestyle changes and not just quick fixes. Remember the 4 basic pillars of brain health are: 1. Physical Activity, 2. Mental Activity, 3. Social Activity, 4. Good Cardiovascular Health. Each one of the 9 Points fits into one of these areas."

I will be sharing Dr. Bresky's 9 points over the next 9 days. According to Dr. Bresky, whether you are a baby boomer and just want to keep your brain sharp, or whether you already have memory loss and cognitive decline--his 9 point system can help anyone improve.

Here's another brain tip from Dr. Bresky.

" Not finding this week's Point 1 Fun and Laughter choices funny? Well it's hard to tickle everyone's funny bone everytime. Or maybe you just need a little more to get your 9+ hearty laughs today. Do you have any old comedy videos tucked away that make you chuckle? Are there comics in your morning newspaper that make you giggle when you read them? And don't forget that you can always just start laughing, which may inspire others to join in. The important thing is that you can't be depressed when you are laughing. Laughter truly is the best medicine!"

Hope you enjoy his tips as much as I do. Plus, I find implementing them to be beneficial.
Sandra - Caregiver Guru for the Caregiver Generation

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