Friday, June 11, 2010

Helping Elderly Loved Ones Find Value and Meaning--Part Three

The average man (woman) does not know what to so with his/her life,
yet wants another one that will last forever.
(Anatole France)
When some people become unable to participate in physical activities, they focus their energy, time, and atention on spiritual matters and personal reflection.
Some who have "wandered from the fold" make a concerted effort to return to the teachings of their youth and renew covenants and religious practices and traditions.
Some request a picture or statue of Christ or other religious or cultural figures, or rosary beads, prayer shawl, or prayer books to use when praying.
Others may ask for scriptures or other religious books to read or listen to, or for small altars or shrines to be constructed.
Some may request particular objects or potions believed to have healing powers.
Yet others may request that caregivers and family members pray with and/or for them.
Some request their names to be placed on prayer rolls so others might pray for them.
Take time to explore personal desires of those you are charged with taking care of.
Sandra -- Caregiver Guru for the Caregiver Generation

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