Monday, June 21, 2010

Get Thru to Absolutely Anyone!

Get Thru to Absolutely Anyone!!

Ever tried to get through to others by using logic, flattery, forcefulness, pleading, screaming...yet felt that you were not being heard?

My special guest, Dr. Mark Goulston, psychiatrist and author of "Just Listen" and "Get Out of Your Own Way at Work and Help Others Do The Same," will reveal the "secret" to getting through to absolutely anyone.

Dr. Goulston will discuss how to be so effective in your communications that others actually make positive changes in their lives.

Dr. Goulston explains that his methods succeed because they create "traction" rather than "resistance".

He reveals ways to pull others toward you even when they are trying to pull away. You won't want to miss this episode as Dr. Goulston discusses the reality that it is not what we tell others but what we enable them to tell us that makes a difference--a difference which includes "positive change."

Join us Tuesday, 6/22/10 @ Noon EST.
See you on the radio!
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