Monday, June 21, 2010

Tunes Rx--Point #3

Here's Point #3 from Dr. Arnold Bresky's Brain Tune Up System

Tunes Rx

Once thought of simply as entertainment, music is now being recognized as a vital cognitive tool. When utilized properly, music can enhance our ability to learn, uplift our spirits, and calm us when we’re stressed or agitated.

Dr. Bresky recommends certain musical selections to uplift and others to calm.

He also recommends we listen to whatever music brings us pleasure for a few minutes during the course of each day.

Doing so elevates our mood and energy level—and we all want elevated moods and energy levels!

By signing up for the Brain Tune Up® Clubhouse, you will have full access to Dr. Bresky’s 9 Pt. System including the latest scientific research and musical selections proven to provide various types of therapies.

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