Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are You in Alignment?

Did you know that Monday morning at 6:07AM, August 9th. the date will be in perfect alignment--perfect order?

At 6:07AM it will be 6,7,8,9,10!!

Hour = Six,
Minutes = Seven
Month = Eight
Day = Nine
Year = Ten

Are you in alignment? Or, are you scattered about?

On Tuesday, August 24th, Eileen Roth, author of Organizing For Dummies, will be my special guest on The Baby Boomers' Sandwich Show: We will discuss the importance of being organized and having order in our lives.

Then, on 9/28/10, Kathleen Ronald will join me to dicuss the topic of "clutter." The title of that episode will be: "What's Your Clutter Costing You?" (I'll be writing more about Kathleen in upcoming blog posts.)

So, if you'd like to learn how to become more organized, bring greater order to your life, de-clutter and make room for more abundance, you won't want to miss these episodes.

Actually, I have GREAT guests every Tuesday at Noon ET (9:00AM PT).

Hope you will join me every week!

If you're not available during the time the show airs--not to worry--you may listen to all episodes 24/7 at

Sandra - Caregiver Guru

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