Monday, August 2, 2010

5 Keys to a Satisfying Retirement

Why do people retire and what do they do after retirement?

Ever wonder where the idea of "retiring" came from in the first place?

If the "First" age is that period in life when we're learning as a student. And, the "second" age is the period when we're achieving and acquiring.

What's the "Third Age?" and "Second Growth?"

My special guest, Cathy Severson, MS, President, Retirement Life Matters will discuss these concepts as well as reveal the five keys to a satisfying retirement.

She will also discuss how you can make the transition into retirement.

These keys can help you have a fulfilling retirement life.

If you are retired or ever plan to retire you won't want to miss this episode.

This will be a great opportunity to get your questions about retirement answered from the expert. Please join us Tuesday, August 3rd. Noon ET (9:00AM PT)
Sandra-Caregiver Guru

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