Saturday, May 22, 2010

Frustration--A Common State for Caregivers.

A man (or woman) cannot discover new oceans unless he/she has the courge
to lose sight of the shore.
Here's an excerpt from "So Far Away" a publication from the National Institute on Aging
"Feeling frustrated and angry with everyone from your parent(s) to his/her doctors, is a common caregiving experience. It can be hard to acknowledge that you feel this way, but try not to criticize yourself even more. Caregiving, especially from a distance, is likely to bring out a fiull range of human emotions, both positive and negative. If you feel angry, it could be a sign that you are overwhelmed or that you are trying to do too much. If you can, give yourself a break: Take a walk, talk with your friends, get some sleep, join a support group--try to do something for yourself." (January, 2006)
"Do not run faster than you have strength."
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