Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well, another Independence Day is almost over. I truly hope all of you enjoy the independence we may sometimes take for granted.

Not only is it a blessing to live in a free country, but if you are still living independently, that is another huge blessing!!

Think of the thousands of individuals who're living in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. And, how about all those who've lost the ability to drive and have to "depend" on others for transportation.

Worse yet, what about those who can no longer walk and have to "depend" on others to help them get from one room to another.

Or those who are bedridden and have to "depend" on others to keep them fed, clean and dry.

When I think about Independence Day, I think of Freedom--Freedom to walk and drive and live in our own homes, as well as live in the greatest nation on Earth and enjoy all the freedoms so many have given their lives for.

I thank everyone who is presently serving in our armed forces and all those who have ever served to protect our Freedom. And, I thank God for blessing our nation and me personally.

If you have loved ones in care facilities--go visit them. If you don't know anyone who's living in an assisted living facility or nursing, go visit someone there.

And, give thanks that you have freedom of movement to be able to go. It will bless their lives as well as yours.

I pray that I never take any of my Freedoms for granted.

Sandra - Caregiver Guru for the Caregiver Generation

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