Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exclusive Interview with Florence LaRue of the 5th Dimension

Wow! Is this the Age of America? Florence LaRue, known as the Divine Diva, and the only
original member remaining in the singing group the 5th Dimension will be my special guest
Tuesday, September 21st.

You surely won't want to miss this episode. Florence will talk about her 44 years with the 5th Dimension--why she stayed-- the highlights (and maybe some of the low-lights) of her amazing career.

Florence has agreed to talk about her education, health, charity work, solo performances, and her spirituality.

She will also share how she's managed to maintain balance in her life while balancing her life's work, motherhood and family life.

She's also agreed to share tidbits from rare and special speaking engagements she's had over the span of her career-with whom and what subjects!

Plus, she's willing to give up her beauty secrets!!

So, be sure you tune in for this exclusive interview with the Divine Diva of the 5th Dimension.

sandra-Caregiver Guru
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