Monday, September 6, 2010

Computers Made Easy For Seniors!

Computer illiterate--no problem.

With just the touch of the screen PointerWare enables anyone to send e-mails, explore the Internet, post and view photos, and see and talk with family and friends.

Within minutes and for just pennies a day anyone can use a computer like an expert.

If you can point your finger you can use a computer to connect with your family and the rest of the world with PointerWare Softwars.

My special guest, Raul Rupsingh MSc., Co-Founder and CEO PointerWare Innovations, will introduce this amazing new software.

If you or a family member or friend presently don't know how to use a computer like an expert, or if you would just like an easier way to interact with your computer--PointerWare is for you!!

You won't want to miss this episode as Raul shares the secrets of computers made simple.
Please join us Tuesday, Sept. 7, Noon EDT (9:00am PDT).

Sandra-Caregiver Guru
P.S. Register for my live event in Phoenix. AZ, Tuesday, October 5th, at The Air Conference Centre, 3417 East University Dr. 6-8:00pm PDT.

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  1. Sandra, The technology you speak of is amazing! It is especially relevant for today since seniors are the fastest growing demographic in social media. We are lucky to live in a time with such a variety of products out there to make life easier for the ones we care about.